Typing Adventure Tutorials

Monitoring Student Progress

This tutorial discusses how to keep track of student progress.  It describes the different screens to use when monitoring a class.  Click here to view.

Creating Groups in Typing Adventure

This is an essential tutorial.  Learn how to create groups with different permissions.  Create one group that allows games and another with games restricted.  Use games as a carrot to motivate students to pass level 12 in Typing Adventure.  Click here to view.

Typing Adventure from the Student's Perspective

This tutorial logs into Typing Adventure as a student and describes several things to look for.  Click here to view.

Create Custom Typing Drills

Create more difficult drills for the students who have topped out of Typing Adventure or use drills that target areas of need.  Use the drill sets that are provided in the Custom Drill section of this site.  This is a great way to differentiate up.  You can also build practice lessons for students with special needs.  Click here to view.