Pinky finger families


Pinky Finger Families Drill 1


.. ,, ;; :: // ?? .. ,, // . , ; : ? / , ; ? :: ?? :: .. ,, ;; :: ?? // ,, ,/, ,?, ;l; :l: /?/ Has. As, add; add. Sad, a. sad.,; fad.,; fad.,; hat., at. At/ ask? Red. Red. It. It. Led. Led. You, he, he, had, had, if, out? Out? Hot? Hot? Us? Us all/ all/ can/ can/ as/ as dad: dad: lakes: fad; fad; sad; sad; so; so add? Sad? So? Al? Red? Eat? As It Add Led Sad You Fade Man Her At Had Ask Hat Eat Lit Red The Out And Hot We if Used Bag Can Out He Fad Add All

Pinky Finger Families Drill 2


aa qq aa zz aa qq aa zz aqa aza aqa aa zz qq aqaa aza aqa aza qo au zo qu ao qu ae qu ai qu zu qu au qu qk kq qu ua au uz qu zoo zoo quo quo zeal zeal zig zig quit quit zoo zoom zoom zone

zone zebra zebra zags zags zeal zeal zag zag zone zone zig zig quit quit quite quite quo quo quacks quacks quads quads quake quake quail quail zam quit quite quack quad quail quitter zam

Zoo Zoom Zebra Zeal Zweig Quo Quit Quack Quad Quail Quite 

Pinky Finger Families Drill 3


;; pp ;; pp ; ; p ;; pp ;p; ;p; p;p ;; pp ;p; ; q s p d p ; e s p x d r p g p aa bb cc dd ee ff gg hh ii jj kk ll mm nn oo pp qq rr ss tt uu vv ww xx yy zz po yp np hp pi np ps jp hp pw pm np cp py pw rp mp hp ape put pull pop paper up jump; lease; prettyl pie help, play, opened, keep, pick paper copies purple nose friend smile laugh Help me pick up the cups. She helps and plays here. His book is by the table. One of those is not here. Be sure to make the food.


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